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Join the team of educators that instills curiosity

Welcome to Twinkle Teachers, a unique blog here for you to explore a different type of educational institute that has a creative approach on teaching English in Korea. Hear from our team of educators that bring their personality, curiosity and passion into the classroom. Read on, and enjoy.

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Proud of being a teacher again

Last year I was ready to leave Korea. I had spent five years teaching for other academies in Korea, and I was disillusioned to say the...

A Creative and Supportive Place

Being adventurous; I yearn to live a life that is anything but average and had found myself wanting to learn more about Korean culture....

From London to Seoul

I remember sitting on the airplane from London to Seoul and thinking to myself “what the hell have you done?!” All of my worldly...

Lessons I will carry with me

I first came to Korea as a graduate student, pursuing my master degree. The two and a half years flew by more quickly than I could...

Kind Directors

I joined Twinkle nearly three and a half years ago, the longest serving stretch I’ve ever done with an employer. There are several good...

The Writers of Twin.kle

When introducing students to a simplified, circular writing structure, I often discover I don’t need to completely retell the entirety of...

Memoirs of a Twin.kle Teacher

To be honest - this post has been sitting here for over a week. Cursor blinking absently, because how is one supposed to describe every...

Essentially, I feel grateful.

There are many reasons why I feel fortunate to work at Twinkle, and most of them come to me in unexpected moments. Most recently, I was...

Twinkle in the Eye

Have you ever come into a classroom and wondered, "Why in the world am I here?" I have. The students have. And we all hate it. Twinkle is...

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