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A Creative and Supportive Place

Updated: Feb 16

Being adventurous; I yearn to live a life that is anything but average and had found myself wanting to learn more about Korean culture. My prior knowledge was so limited, and I was enticed by a culture with such a rich history. Ready for a new chapter in life, I decided I wanted to live abroad. While I had to think about whether or not to leave America in the middle of a growing pandemic, I knew I would be unsatisfied with life if I didn’t follow my heart.

In my search for a place to teach, I knew I didn’t want traditional. I wanted a school that would allow for creativity. A place that allowed students to explore their strengths and weaknesses, and not a building where students were all expected to be and learn the same. I consider myself extremely lucky to have not only found Twinkle, but to have been offered a position here as well.

Moving across the world, to a place you have never been is terrifying. From the first time I met the owners, and headteachers, so much of my worry turned to relief. Even if the rest of my life in Korea was going to be hard, I was at least assured that my work environment would be encouraging. I was entering an environment that not only trusted me and my ability to teach, but also challenged me to create.

Through this environment, I felt encouraged with opportunity. Not only was I allowed to learn and grow as an individual while facing the challenges of living in Korea, but I was allowed to help shape the future. Each day, I have gotten the chance to work hard and provide more than just English to future generations. I get to start the fire in children, a fire that makes them want to learn. Not a desire to just learn what schools teach, but a desire to ask questions about things in life and discover the “why” to everything they encounter.

I am so impressed with my student's ability here at Twinkle. They learn and study hard, and while still being kids- show much maturity I had never seen in American children. The students alone are one reason to be grateful for Twinkle. However, the philosophy and way Twinkle aims to teach is the real reason it is such a great hagwon. At Twinkle, you get to be independent, while always having a safety net to help guide you through your teaching. You are encouraged to explore just as much as you encourage your students to explore.

When I look back on my choices, one of my greatest is that I was able to work at Twinkle. I have been lucky to not only have gotten to come to Korea, learn so much about history, and teach young minds. I have been able to learn so much about myself and have been humbled by tiny children that remind me, at the end of the day we are all the same.

- Miss Abby

Twinkle Mokdong



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