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Something Old, Something New: Something for Everyone.

Like many people, I came to Korea to try a year of teaching and experience something new. My year lasted a little longer than expected, as I quickly fell in love with everything Korea has to offer. Almost twenty years down the line that love hasn't diminished at all. Korea is constantly changing, with neighborhoods most people wouldn't bother visiting suddenly becoming hip and teaming with people. Even with the constant redevelopment, there is still an old-world charm to be found when visiting places, like Bukchon Hanok Village, which have been painstakingly preserved and restored. The traditional markets dotted all over Korea also offer a window into the past, and a place where people of all ages can sit side-by-side and enjoy a variety of delicious meals. 

It's also easy to quickly escape the hustle and bustle of the city with nature never far away. With so many mountains, hiking and biking trails, and a transport system that can get you almost anywhere you need to go, there's no reason to spend your time stuck at home. If you have an adventurous spirit, Korea is definitely one of the easiest countries on Earth to explore safely. 

I'm glad that my journey eventually brought me to Twin.kle. I've seen my fair share of academies, from the corporate monsters to government learning centers, where being a teacher feels like more of a punishment than a calling. Twin.kle has reinvigorated me, restoring my belief that teaching can actually make a difference. The focus on creativity and encouraging critical thinking, and a constantly evolving curriculum makes teaching a pleasure, not a chore. The students are truly special and genuinely want to learn. Their enthusiasm and hunger for knowledge are contagious and I feel privileged to help them along on their journey. Watching them develop, share their ideas, and make real progress is what teaching should be all about. Add to that, the amazing owners and staff, and it feels like at Twin.kle I’ve eventually found my home. 

-Mr. Marco

Twinkle Mokdong



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