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Discovering Joy and Growth: My Journey with Twinkle Songdo


If I were to sum up my time with Twinkle, and specifically Twinkle Songdo, I would describe it as a genuine joy albeit with a steep learning curve. I came to Twinkle with a background in hospital pathology, so I was initially quite nervous about starting my new role, despite the TEFL training. However, I was supported and guided by the kind, patient, and passionate staff! I have always been encouraged by teachers and administration alike, and I am lucky to be part of this incredible team.

Twinkle's unique curriculum and student-first approach to teaching help create a dynamic and fun learning environment, where kids can explore English beyond using worksheets and standard exercises. Being able to apply scientific thinking and introduce a variety of topics provides a robust education as well as building skills beyond traditional speaking, reading, writing, and listening alone.

The flexibility provided to teachers is also massively beneficial, as well as fun. Every teacher can bring something new into the lesson, and having a strong foundational curriculum and the capacity to put my spin on the lesson has helped connect me with the children and ensured they are learning in a structured but meaningful way, whilst having a lot of fun.

Overall, I strongly recommend working with Twinkle; regardless of your background, there is space for you within the growing team. The children are brilliant, the staff supportive, and the environment rewarding.


Twinkle Songdo



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