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Teach for Twin.kle

Filling Minds with Wonder

We seek people who are naturally curious about the world around them. Finding individuals who are always learning, finding out fun facts and love to share with others is the basis of our staffing. 

Read the stories of other educators who have gone before you. Find out what makes Twin.kle different from other places. 

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The Twin.kle Way: About


We want to change English education in Korea to create happy, brilliant, and fascinated learners.

  • The power of discussion: The greatest thinkers question everything. We do so at Twinkle.

  • Sowing the seeds of imagination: We create a classroom without walls and full of imagination. 

  • Falling in love with reading: Great English students need to become huge fans of novels. We have a real passion for literature and our enthusiasm is contagious. We want kids to be confident public speakers, who enjoy speaking to an audience and can’t stop talking!

The Twin.kle Way: Text
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