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When do you feel most rewarding teaching children?

The most rewarding thing in teaching children at Twinkle is watching the students who grow up at Twinkle throughout all of their elementary from kindergarten to middle school and to see how much they remember all the different parts we taught to them. They fall in love with reading, they read constantly and habitually and find out things on their own. They are fantastic writers with their own opinions, ideas and writing style who care about the way their writing sounds. They have an incredible baseline of knowledge and are able to pull examples from novels, philosophy, and all kinds of facts to support their ideas and arguments. It is amazing and frankly, we don't think there is a child in the world who receives a better education than these children did.


I feel like I learn something every day from my students, about life, about human nature, about imagination and creativity. I never get bored with a student's story if it is written from their heart and written well. It doesn't have to be information from a book. They already have a world of wonder inside them, and that is what keeps this job interesting after many years.


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