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What is the most important part of teaching students in Twinkle?

Here are some of the methods for being a great teacher

1. Stretch your kids' abilities enough to make it challenging. Everyone loves challenges but the challenge must be just a little beyond your current ability. If we stretch our students' abilities every day, then a year later their growth is tremendous.

2. Give hints and ask questions in a way that is not spoon feeding the answers. To some degree we want the students to be able to find the answers for themselves and to think for themselves. That is the Twinkle way.

3. Love your children. If you want to be a great teacher, you want to be a teacher who your students always remember because you genuinely cared and were interested in their lives or you were able to pick them up on a day when they were sad or discouraged


1. To be interesting is as important as being interested. A Twinkle teacher should be someone who is not only able to entertain children and make learning fun, but to be infectious through their own enthusiasm for the subject matter. This requires all Twinkle teachers to care about education and academia at their core. Without a personal interest and love for science, history, literature, and the other subjects we teach at Twinkle, a teacher will not be able to perform up to standard.

2. On the management side, a teacher must be self-motivated and organized, able to think on their feet, improvise, and be able to create their own lessons and materials using the structure and resources which we provide. This is not actually a challenge but a privilege for the teachers who come to Twinkle. All of our hired teachers have said this was one of the biggest reasons they wanted to work at Twinkle, because we offer an atmosphere of autonomy with lessons within the given structure and encourage teachers to be creative and do things according to their individual strengths and styles. We don't want teachers to feel like they are in a box, and we don't want our students to think in a box, so the relationship must be dynamic and synchronized in its creativity and go hand in hand. If a class feels rehearsed, it's boring. If a class feels repeated, the students will mentally press SKIP and teachers themselves will lose interest. This is simple human nature, but Twinkle understands how to balance those impulses within a structure that blends the best of both worlds- organization and spontaneity.


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