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What do you think is the biggest difference from other academies?

I think there are too many differences between Twinkle and other academies

One example is in our curriculum; there is no other academy that is teaching speaking, debate or mock trial with a book like Twinkle Trials.

The children need to discuss and debate about who is guilty or not guilty using this set of fictional trials. For example, in the book, a scientist named Doctor Turing accidentally creates artificial intelligence and robots take over the Earth and put humans in very comfortable zoos where all of the needs of the humans are taken care of. The students need to argue about whether or not Doctor Turing is guilty and should be punished.

In another example, every week, our children are asked a question to expand their curiosity and students write, draw and discuss about the question. Some of the questions we ask are, "Do you think there is a border or edge to the universe? What country do you think will be the strongest 50 years in the future? Do you think animals know what is right or wrong?"

Our curriculum is very creative and out of the box.


I think the idea of academies being run by people closer to the action (managers who were former teachers, etc.) is very important, and a younger culture and a younger mindset. Running the hagwons creates an atmosphere that is based more on feedback and response. That is very important for a hagwon to grow.

This has allowed hagwons to develop and strive for constant evolution rather than looking for a factory-imprint to churn out books and classes. It has become more organic and focused on student-parent satisfaction in a positive way that puts education and curriculum as the most important goal. The emphasis is placed on fun and creativity, and of course, student happiness.


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