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Twinkle's slogan is 'Filling Minds with Wonders!' What does it mean?

Filling minds with wonder means that our mission is to set a foundation to light the fire of curiosity - we want to be teachers who our students look back on and remember that here is where they had a mind shift or where their curiosity was ignited and they found that learning and education was not a chore, but exploring and finding answers is something that felt like an awakening and coming alive and that there in an intense satisfaction from figuring things out, and finding things out.


I feel like I learn something every day from my students, about life, about human nature, about imagination and creativity. I never get bored with a student's story if it is written from their heart and written well. It doesn't have to be information from a book. They already have a world of wonder inside them, and that is what keeps this job interesting after many years.


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