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Essentially, I feel grateful.

There are many reasons why I feel fortunate to work at Twinkle, and most of them come to me in unexpected moments.

Most recently, I was sitting with one of my fifth graders who usually barely speaks in class, barely writes more than a page at time, and doesn’t really have much confidence at all. We were marking her last essay together, and it was amazing. She had written an essay on whether one person alone can make the world a better place. Her writing was so thoughtful and sophisticated, and also so genuine. I was pretty touched. The curriculum here at Twinkle gives me the room to approach topics that challenge students, and gives them so much room for free thought, and honest, educated writing. Because of this, her work has improved in ways I never imagined for her. I feel very grateful to be able to work with a program like this.

The time before that that I felt grateful to work here was when I received a wonderful message from a parent. Here at Twinkle, we talk with parents over kakao after every lesson (this has its blessings and its curses, as you can imagine). After telling a parent about their son’s improvements, they told me how talking with him about the work he did in class that day, and reading it over, brings their family together. Knowing that my fellow teachers and I do this for the families that come here is very special to me, and it’s evident in the happy faces that come through the door daily.

Finally, so as not to go on forever, I feel fortunate to work with these people. The group of teachers and Korean staff members that I see here everyday are intelligent, motivated, energetic people. Twinkle attracts and employs interesting teachers, and more specifically, funny teachers. Being completely honest, I was intimidated by them all when I first started. But, it’s infectious. I considered myself a shy person before I started working here. I wasn’t even six months out of university and had never left the UK. Now I’m more open, I’m happier, I’m excited. I have more space in my life for silliness. That’s not all thanks to Twinkle - leaving my comfort zone and working with kids, meeting new people and (please forgive me) ‘finding myself’ had a hand in it too. But the support, love and genuine kindness I feel extended to me as a teacher here was vital in that change.

ESSENTIALLY: my bosses are wonderful, my fellow teachers are fabulous, and the kids are amazing. The job is hard, and it often occupies a lot of space in my brain. But I have very many reasons to feel fortunate to work here at Twinkle, and I am regularly reminded of them. If you are thinking of applying, do.


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